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Constructed from the highest quality materials and latest fabrication techniques, Responder Gear has created the Responder line of bags. The result of careful consultation with emergency management professionals to create the perfect carrying case — they are strong, lightweight, modular, and dependable. Whether you're in emergency medicine, home healthcare, or emergency response, Responder Gear has a unique portability solution for you.
Our gear is designed in the USA. We use durable, leading-edge fabrics. These bags encounter rugged conditions, so we use technology to make sure they have long lives, remain sanitary, and are easy to clean.

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Medical Bags

My Responder Gear designs high quality medical bags used by industries such as police, fire, EMS, sports medicine professionals, and corporate first responders. We use technology to make durable products that remain sanitary, easy to clean, and withstand rugged conditions. With a focus on innovation, we continually use leading-edge technology and abide by all industry standards. Microbial ballistic nylon, a material that defends against microorganisms carrying diseases, is one material we use in most of our products to help keep first responders safe and protected. Our medical bags and backpacks are also known for their flexible and expandable fabric. We carry a wide variety of products for first responders such as airway backpacks, AED bags, medication bags, fanny packs, and more. We are proud to provide field-tested medical bags and continually work to improve our products to better serve first responder emergency situations