According to a recent article from Emergency Management, a recently introduced first responder bill would make it easier to purchase the necessary first responders bags, as well other necessary equipment and technology. First responders would have less of an issue acquiring what they need through Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) and the State Homeland Security Grant Program. In this blog post, we will detail what exactly the bill means for first responders and provide insight into our products at My Responder Gear.

The article explains that, today, grants are fairly limited as far what first responders can purchase exactly. Per the press release, the legislation asks FEMA to develop a “transparent process to review requests by first responders to use their funds to purchase equipment for which voluntary industry standards do not exist.” What is certain is that first responders have been asked to do more with less for years. New Jersey congressman Donald Payne, Jr. got the bill moving and said that “As the threats that first responders have to tackle continue to evolve, it’s critical that they have the equipment necessary to respond. Many first responders, however, are unable to acquire advanced equipment because they are not permitted, by law, to use their homeland security grant funds to purchase it.”

Equipment and technology purchased under the State Homeland Security Grant Program and UASI grants must currently meet or exceed national voluntary consensus standards. The article cites the release again, saying that there isn’t a process for reviewing requests to purchase technology and equipment for which there is no set standard. Moreover, the standards for first responder bags and equipment have lagged behind the pace of demands on first responders.

The Difference of My Responder Gear

At My Responder Gear, we understand how significant the role of a first responder can be. That’s why we’ve developed the highest quality of field-designed gear. Each of our first responder bags are constructed from only the best materials and latest fabrication techniques. What sets us apart, though? Our team at My Responder Gear collaborates with emergency management professionals to build the ideal carrying case. Whether you choose our smallest option or more of a heavy-duty emergency medical bag, you can feel at ease knowing that our medical supply bags are strong, lightweight, modular, and of course, dependable.

Variety of First Responder Bags

We offer equipment for a variety of first responders, such as Police, Emergency Medical Services, Fire, and Sports Medicine. Let’s take a closer look at each of these categories.

There’s no question that a law enforcement officer’s job requires tough, rugged equipment. Our products at My Responder Gear will easily stand up in any tactical situation. Take our Ab-Pack 200, for example. Even though it’s our smallest fanny pack, it offers all the features you’d expect, including, durable antimicrobial fabric with water-resistant treatment, vinyl pockets display, high visibility reflective tape, and more.

We design and develop plenty of products designed specifically for EMS professionals who provide out-of-hospital, acute medical care. When transporting patients to definitive care, it’s essential to have the best medical bag. Take our Chief’s Backpack, for example. It offers a detachable fanny pack and front pocket, contains adjustable compartments for supply configuration, detachable pockets for convenience, holds up to a “D’ size oxygen tank, and safeguards all of your medical equipment with heavy-duty, anti-microbial ballistic nylon that defends against potential disease-carrying microorganisms.

When lives are on the line, it’s essential that firefighters have access to first responder bags that boast the utmost quality, durability, and versatility. We are proud to say that our firefighter gear is designed by firefighters, for firefighters. Check out our Airway Backpack, for example. This backpack features comfortable, ergonomic, padded shoulder straps that can be stowed away when not in use. You can also take advantage of the secure elastic loops that fasten medical tools in place. Plus, its compact design has plenty of room to store an oxygen cylinder internally.

Sports Medicine
Your players may go down with an injury in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, My Responder Gear offers this Med Traveler Brief, a portable and customizable first responder bag. This classic, spacious first responder medical bag has a number of pockets with an internal customizable divider system in the main compartment.

Provide your team with the best medical bags available thanks to My Responder Gear. Check out our products to learn more.