Manufactured in the USA, My Responder Gear designs high quality medical bags for police, fire, EMS, and sports medicine professionals. Our medical bags are made using leading-edge technology such as microbial ballistic nylon, a material that defends against microorganisms carrying diseases. This material ensures our medical bags are sanitary and easy to clean. Our medical bags and backpacks also include adjustable compartments, water resistant polyurethane coating, and adjustable carrying straps. We carry a wide variety of products for first responders such as airway backpacks, AED bags, EMS backpacks, medication bags, fanny packs, and more. We are proud to provide field-tested medical bags and continually work to improve our products to better serve first responder emergency situations.

Contact us for more information on our products or to request a trial of our custom medical bags!

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  1. Chief's EMS Backpack
    Chief's EMS Backpack
    As low as $395.99
  2. Medical Trauma Bag 300
    Medical Trauma Bag 300
    As low as $142.99
  3. Medical Trauma Bag 200
    Medical Trauma Bag 200
    As low as $82.99
  4. Airway Bag
    Airway Bag
    As low as $375.99
  5. Airway Backpack
    Airway Backpack
    As low as $349.99
  6. Chief's Ab-Pack EMS Fanny Pack
    Chief's Ab-Pack EMS Fanny Pack
    As low as $109.99
  7. Medical Paramedic Bag
    Medical Paramedic Bag
    As low as $393.99
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